Why Is Chi Kung Good For Me?

Exercise is important for our overall health and vitality. Chi Kung exercises the mind as well as the body. It exercises the body externally and internally.

External exercise stimulates the heart and lungs and strengthens the major muscles of the body with the aim of keeping your physical body in shape.

Internal exercise is about training you to feel and change all aspects of your internal body - physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually. It is about increasing your awareness of self and thus creates the possibility of enhancing life quality and balance. As you direct your awareness to several aspects of each exercise you will find you’ve screened out all the distractions of the outside world and brought yourself into your now and your mind will clear. After just one Chi Kung session most people feel less stressed and more relaxed, many find they sleep better and are more able to cope with what life throws at them.
Chi Kung can have a powerful effect on mind and body but there’s nothing weird about it all. It’s simply a clear, focused, practical way of getting fit, gaining mastery over your body and thought processes. It’s wonderful for neck tension and back problems because it encourages good posture, plus it’s brilliant for gently increasing flexibility in joints. Not bad for something that will take as little as 10-15minutes out of your day.

In Chi Kung different forms or postures are adopted that allow the body to come into perfect alignment, which in turn allows all the organs of the body to hang in their correct places. This leads to strengthening of the heart, improves lung capacity, reduces blood pressure, increases metabolic rate and improves the digestive process. Chi Kung even has the capacity to build bone. This is thought to be because its practice uses the tiny muscles closer to the bone - producing more bone marrow so bones really do build themselves from the inside out. There are few better things for helping to keep osteoporosis at bay.

Chi Kung is one of the lowest cost, most effective and proven ways of benefiting health.
A Chi Kung Exercise
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