What Is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung, sometimes called Qi Gong or Qi Gung, is similar to Tai Chi but is easier to learn, combining gentle movement exercises with mindfulness, visualisation and meditation techniques.

Chi Kung is a very gentle yet powerful form of exercise originating in China that promotes the flow of blood and lymph as well as Chi (your vital energy) through the body. Better flow = Better Health.

Chi Kung has a significant effect on improving health and maintaining our well-being. It also helps us to develop mentally and spiritually and will clear stress, clear tension and promote relaxation.
A typical class comprises exercises for stretching and mobilising the body and joints, breathing techniques, slow movement exercises, static postures, special walking methods and meditation.
In general the exercises are performed by moving in a slow and relaxed way, while at the same time maintaining a good posture, sometimes whilst standing still and sometimes while gently moving.

Chi Kung is essentially meditative and can have a powerful effect on mind and body yet it is a simple, clear, focused, practical way of getting fit.

Chi Kung works!

A Chi Kung Exercise
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Chi Kung Classes for Wellness and Longevity