What Does Chi Kung Involve?

Chi Kung involves static, moving, walking and breathing exercises all done in a mindful, meditative way. The work is gentle and simple to learn.

As you work you focus on relaxing both body and mind and on breathing naturally. This releases tension from the body and helps the mind to let go of external stresses and worries, bringing with it a sense of peace and calm. You feel your limbs being gently loosened and your body will warm up. Some people experience tingling or energetic sensations in parts of their body.

Repetition of movements is used to allow you not have to think about the movement but to focus on the intention and coordination of the mind with the movement of the body and with the breath - to 'lose' yourself in the exercise. This in turn enables you to relax and enjoy the sensations and effect on your whole self. Chi Kung can be playful and light-hearted at times and more reflective at other times.

Chi Kung is about finding a balance between body and mind and working at your own level to achieve this, rather than worrying about the progress of anyone else in the group.
A Chi Kung Exercise
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