Our Classes

There are many different interpretations of Chi Kung. We practice a form of Elemental Chi Kung that is a progressive, westernized form based on Taoist principles. Since 2006, Class Leaders have each completed four years of teacher training and postgraduate teacher training in Chi Kung with the College of Elemental Chi Kung as well as trainings and workshops with other noted Chi Kung teachers.

The exercises performed in class involve static, moving, walking and breathing exercises all done in a mindful, meditative way. The work is gentle and simple to learn.

A typical Chi Kung class may include:
• Stretching and mobilising your body and its major joints
• Simple repeated slow mindful movements with intention
• Static postures to strengthen whilst relaxing the body.
• Breathing techniques for relaxation
• Special Walking Methods
• Meditation and visualisation techniques.
• Reflection and time for questions

Classes at:-

Bredfield Village Hall, IP13 6AX
(2 miles North of Woodbridge)

Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons
1:30pm to 2:45pm

Beginners welcome at any time - your first class is free and without obligation.
So why not come along and try Chi Kung, and discover its amazing benefits for yourself.
For further information phone 07432151310 or email info@chikungwellness.co.uk

Chi Kung Classes for Wellness and Longevity